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Inca Imports embraces the historical aesthetic of Talavera design with authentic hand painted geometric, floral motifs. In addition, we are proud to offer distinct, carefully chosen styles that are an homage to the finest art from the cultures of Western Europe, East Asia, Turkey, India and Mexico.

Our knowledgeable staff select art that spans the ages from the 12th Century to the Modern age. Every piece is considered with respect to:
       aesthetic quality


Go down those roads you never knew. Run with the bulls in Pomplona, shed a tear after seeing the Taj Mahal, Take a gondola past Casanova's house on the Grand Canal. Throw a bouquet of roses into the Ganges, drink Saki like a Samurai, drown while trying to embrace the moon like Li Po.

Inca Imports invites you to experience Turkish harems, French bistros, Italian trattorias, Japanese plum blossoms, the bullrings and alcazars of Spain, Chinese persimmons emerging out of emptiness, the festive hat dances Puebla, Mexico, a Saddu meditating at a ghat on the Ganges…
Moods of the world in your home or garden.


“Our designs do not replace experience.
They only encourage it.”


Every piece of ceramic is guaranteed from cracking due to low temperatures, from fading due to exposure to sunlight, from oxidizing due to mineral deposits.

Inca Imports guarantees that all ceramic work is pre-dipped in a specially prepared base glaze that stabilizes the clay for the design to better bond. Various metal oxides in the glaze are formulated to increase durability and aesthetic quality. All ceramic work is precisely fired for optimal vitrification. This strict program guarantees the highest quality product.